Two new CIT coins will add joy to anyones collection. Featuring the Laughing Buddha or Budai, the two coins merge two popular techniques with an ever cheerful Laughing Buddha image. The silver coin weighs a whooping two ounces and has an elegant black proof surface finish. The gleaming Laughing Buddha is gilded and struck in a striking smartminting high relief. The silver coin is limited to 888 pieces. The gold version on the other hand is a classic CIT special shape, 0.5 gram coin. However, the charming Laughing Buddha struck in a stylized relief now measures 13.92 mm, instead of the usual 11 mm thanks to Big Gold Minting technology.
Two new CIT coins will add joy to anyones collection. Featuring the Laughing Buddha or Budai, the two coins merge two popular techniques with an ever cheerful Laughing Buddha image. The silver coin weighs a whooping two ounces and has an elegant black proof surface finish. The gleaming Laughing Buddha is gilded and struck in a striking smartminting high relief. The silver coin is limited to 888 pieces. The gold version on the other hand is a classic CIT special shape, 0.5 gram coin. However, the charming Laughing Buddha struck in a stylized relief now measures 13.92 mm, instead of the usual 11 mm thanks to BigGold Minting technology.
The Golden Dolphin expands a long and hugely popular list of special shape small gold coins. The charming and beloved dolphin seems to happily leap into the air and is struck in the series’ typical two layer style, weighing a half gram of .9999 fine gold measuring 11 mm.
Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy lasted from 19 April 2005 until his resignation on 23 February 2013. The unexpected move marked the first time a pope voluntarily resigned since Celestine V did so in 1294. Benedict XVI now resides at the Mater Ecclasiae Monastery in Vatican City and will turn 90 years old on 16 April 2017. The new 11mm fine gold coin commemorates this anniversary in classic style. Thanks to Big Gold Minting technology, the coin weighs a mere 1/100th of an ounce while displaying an astonishingly detailed portrait of the pope.
A time capsule is a historic cache of items or information, a contemporary witness of a moment in time intended for future generations. Often it is filled with memorable objects, sealed, and stored away from the public for a certain period of time. Presenting a time capsule as a gift to a close friend or family member is becoming increasingly popular. The CIT time capsule already contains one very special item – a warped coin, successor to the hugely popular Space-Time Continuum coin of 2015. However, with room available for additional items, CIT’s time capsule will not only excite numismatic enthusiasts, but anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.
Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin pioneered airship construction and flight in the late 19th century. Despite many setbacks, Zeppelin perserved and continued to develop airship flight until his death in 1917. His legacy lead to the construction of the Graf Zeppelin airship LZ127 built in his honour. The Graf Zeppelin was not only the largest airship at the time of its completion, but also started the first commercial flight service between Europe and the Americas. Among the most spectacular of its 590 flights that covered over 1.7 million kilometers were around-the-world flight in 1929 and the polarflight of 1931 which is depicted on the obverse of this commemorative coin along with a fabric fragment that covered the LZ127 prior to being scrapped in 1940 by the German military. The 3 oz smartminting© coin is presented in an elegant see-through display case.
Back to the roots – with its eight iteration, the immensely popular and often imitated Mongolian Wildlife Protection series comes full circle and back to the Mustelidae – the weasel family that started it all in 2007 with its largest member the Wolverine or Gulo gulo. Ten years and multiple awards later, an adorable Sable, Martes zibellina, is ready to pounce on the viewer. Large sapphire blue SWAROSVKI® crystals accentuate the captivating eyes and the striking smartminting© high relief makes each strand of fur come to life. As usual, the silver coin has a small gold counterpart that presents the Sable in wider habitat setting.
Collectors around the world appreciate CIT for its innovative coins and approaches that drive technological advances. Unique and unusual coin issues are expected from CIT at the major coin shows. Yet every so often, even those that expect the unexpected are astonished by what comes next. In this particular case, CIT is proud to present the first legal tender silver notes – the Skyline Dollars. Each note is minted from 5 grams of fine silver and measures 150×70 mm. The Skyline Dollars are issued by the Cook Islands and feature prominent cities from around the world in their first five installments. The incredibly thin and fl exible silver sheets and authentic guilloche patterns create an exceptional numismatic collectible. In fact, the notes merely measure mind-boggling 0.045 mm in thickness – less than half the thickness of an average sheet of paper. Silver Dollars ship individually laminated and incorporate a certificate of authenticity.
The Tiffany Art collection is undoubtedly one of the most successful modern coin series in the world with five awards to its name and numerous spin-off series attempting to imitate the exceptional mix of minting perfection and aesthetics. Now in its thirteenth year, CIT’s most anticipated coin presents the Lady Chapel and Chapter House of Wells Cathedral, built around 1310. The interior design is often times regarded as England’s most beautiful example of the decorated gothic architectural style. Customary since 2014, the traditional and much beloved 2 oz coin is flanked by an imposing 1 kg counterpart. The intricate detail and masterful strike require utmost care and expertise in die preparation which may last over one week for one side alone.
Shades of Nature, now in its fourth year, leaps from the water into the air with the 2017 hummingbird. Akin to the previous issues, the relief comes to life by means of masterful precision laser engraving accentuating and shading the fine structures in the hummingbird’s iridescent plumage and the fl ower’s petals. The delightful little bird stands out in smartminting© high relief. Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. The tiny Cuban Bee Hummingbird barely grows larger than the diameter of this stunning coin, yet they are some of the most accomplished flyers able to hover in the air and even fly backwards. This marvel of the neotropics will take the Shades of Nature series to new heights!
The incomparable «Exotic Butterflies» coins have enchanted collectors since 2011. The seventh and final issue of the series, issued by a different nation each year, concludes in Mongolia. While butterflies of temperate regions cannot compete with the colors of their tropical relatives, the structure and delicate nature of the northern species is equally captivating. The Black-veined White is a common butterfly found from Europe across Asia and Mongolia all the way to Japan. The graceful butterfly is once again perched atop a green flower in exquisite 3D technology seemingly ready to flutter away to join his relatives of the seven-coin Exotic Butterflies collection that presents a charming, colourful and joyful set without equal.
The Roaring Deer concludes the truly innovative, outstanding and award-winning Mongolian Nature series in high fashion with a stag roaring in the moonlight. The series started off in 2013 with the much loved Crying Wolf which was subsequently and deservingly awarded Most Innovative Coin by Krause’s World Coin News Awards. On an annual basis, the series portrayed five animals typical of Mongolia in a beautiful cut-out silhouette that, while simple in structure, still managed to tell a compelling story – a wolf howling in front of the full moon, a prancing horse or a falcon stooping over the Mongolian hillside. Sometimes a great idea, simple as it may be, is all that is needed to create an outstanding product and a wonderful five coin collection that has no equal and would enrich anyone’s collection. While the Mongolian Nature set is complete with the fifth and last coin, fans of the collection are advised to keep an eye on future CIT releases …
To commemorate Cuban revolutionary and political leader Fidel Castro, who died on 25 November 2016, Mongolia has issued an appealing coin set with a classic design, minted with state-of-the-art technology. The design is based on the coin’s predecessors the Chinggis Khaan issues of 2014 and 2016. Much like the latter version, Fidel Castro’s portrait is struck in an impressive smartminting© high relief. A hint of color is once again applied to accentuate facial features and darken shadows. The gold coin presented alongside the silver issue nearly mirrors it in design. Thanks to CIT’s Big Gold Minting© process, the size of the gold coin increased from 11 mm to 13.92 mm while at the same time retaining relief height and detail.
The benefits of smartminting© technology on high relief coins have been impressively demonstrated on numerous coin issues in 2016. Now for the first time ever CIT is applying smartminting© technology to a proof-fi nish silver bar. The aptly named Liberty Bar Collection starts off with the Statue of Liberty in 2 oz of fine silver measuring 27×47 mm and an astonishing 6 mm in height. The first edition of the Liberty Bar is limited to 1000 pieces and comes supplied with a customized collector’s box.
Sometimes finding outstanding coins among the myriad of yearly releases can be a daunting process. Not so with CIT’s new high-end «Scarab Selection». The set of three coins, each featuring a unique, high-relief scarab beetle presents a sublime selection of masterfully minted coins that any collector with a distinguished taste will immediately appreciate. Spearheading the selection is «Black Kingdom» which displays a gleaming gilded scarab on a black proof mirror surface. «Red Dawn» showcases a black-rhodium plated ancient Eqyptian scarab on a rose-gold canvas holding up the rising sun in the shape of a SWAROVSKI® crystal. Winding up the set is «Desert Heat», a completely gilded coin representing the flaming sun. All coins are struck with smartminting© technology, dispalying the beetles in exquisitve detail and realism. The first «Scarab Selection», presented in a noble collector’s case, is limited to 499 extraordinary sets. The mythical designs of the coins date back thousands of years. Scarab beetles have variously symbolized good fortune, life and rebirth, they were worn as protective amulets or presented as charms and religious gifts.
Sand dollars are popular souvenirs collected by tourists and beachcombers around the world. The sun-bleached skeletons of these sea urchins resemble old Spanish and American dollar coins, which lead early settlers to refer to them as sand dollars. In Spanish speaking countries they are often known as «galleta de mar» – sea biscuit or sea cookie. In Christian symbolism, the unique patterns on a sand dollar represent the birth, crucifixion and resurrecition of Jesus Christ. According to the legend of the sand dollar, the central star represents the star of Bethlehem, the five petals surrounding the star show an easter lily, while the five holes indicate the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion. The backside of a sand dollar shows a Christmas flower outline. Last but not least, each sand dollar carries five doves inside it. When broken apart the doves emerge to spread peace and joy. Some believe sand dollars to be mythical coins lost by mermaids and washed ashore. Still others consider them to be the currency of the people of the lost city of Atlantis. Whichever legend intrigues you most, the new, delicate CIT sand dollar coins are sure to fascinate and enchant. The silver and gold coins represent sand dollars in a very literal sense. Each version carries a face value of one dollar issued by the Republic of Palau. The coins feature a realistic reverse design and shape. Unique to the smartminting silver coin is the artistic mermaid design on its obverse, while the 1 gramme, BGM gold version features Palau’s coat-of-arms and five cut-out holes. The silver coin ships in a treasure chest collector’s box.
Quilling is an art form where paper strips are skillfully rolled, formed and glued to create wonderful, vibrant images. This skill first became popular in the 16th and 17th century when French and Italian nuns and monks created ornaments for religious books and artifacts. The second issue of the Quilling Art series features a handmade tri-colored bird perched on a tree branch. Thanks to smartminting© technology, the half ounce silver coin measures an incredible 50 mm in diameter and is once again limited to 999 pieces.

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Since its foundation in 1970, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has been a reputable and trusted enterprise in the worldwide coin market. With time CIT’s trading activities have expanded into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals. The success of these coin and medal programmes have greatly contributed to CIT’s solid, reliable and growing reputation worldwide.

In recent years close collaboration of CIT and B.H.Mayer Mint have brought forth innovative and revolutionary minting technologies such as Smartminting© and Big Gold Minting (BGM). Ultra high relief coins with a maximum amount of detail in breathtaking diameters – Coin Invest Trust has an unparalleled track record and expertise in creating unique, custom coins that meet the highest quality standards. Its high-profile coins of series like Tiffany Art, Mongolian Wildlife Protection and Evolution of Life set new standards in modern numismatics and have frequently been imitated but never to the superior craftsmanship and design seen in the original works.