Chinese guardian lions, imperial guardian lions, foo dogs, smartminting silver coin set by cit coin invest liechtenstein 2018
Buddhist Guardian Lions, commonly known as Foo Dogs, appeared in China during the Han dynasty. With their protective powers the lions watched over imperial palaces, temples and tombs. Popularity of Guardian Lions has risen steeply since then, and they are nowadays commonly seen guarding entrances to hotels, restaurants and people’s homes. The lions are usually shown in pairs with a male lion resting a paw on sphere and the female lion restraining a cub.
forbidden city 1 kilo kg silver coin with agate inlay and smartminting high relief by cit with collectors box
The Mineral Art Forbidden City coin stunned collectors in 2015 with incredibly intricate detail rarely seen before and a beautiful amber inlay at the center of the superb design reminiscent of a Chinese coin. The 2 oz version was succeeded by a 5 oz variety with an agate inlay in 2016. CIT now proudly presents a 1 kg issue that stays true to the beautiful original design but presents details in even greater resolution thanks to a diameter of 100 mm. The colossal silver coin is limited to a mere 88 individually numbered pieces and will be delivered in a precious, red collector’s box with golden highlights.
Silver fortune unique shape four leaf clover silver coin by CIT with smartminting, modern numismatics
Silver Fortune is the result of uniting CIT’s expertise and long tradition with special shape coins, lately struck in dramatic smartminting© relief, with one of CIT’s most popular themes dating back to 2010 – the four-leaf clover. The classic Ounce of Luck series was issued for the ANA show with an updated design and is still a sought after gift and staple in many a collection. The Silver Fortune, however, is undoubtedly the new flagship clover coin thanks to its elaborate design and production. Each of the 2500 one-ounce coins is presented in an exclusive glossy white collector’s box.
lion big five safari gold banknote coin by cit coin invest for tanzania legal tender 1500 shillings with hologram giraffe and eagle
Minted precious metal banknotes have surged in popularity among collectors over the past year. Consequently CIT’s Skyline Dollar series has already seen eight issues and the first lunar year silvernote was launched at the ANA show in August. Now alongside the spectacular large Waldseemüller silver note, CIT proudly presents the first set of gold notes portraying the popular Big Five appropriately issued for Tanzania. The notes measure 150×70 mm and are minted from 1 gram of fine gold. The five protagonists are pictured in beautiful detail as adult animals next to one their offspring. On the back, three shiny giraffe silhouettes wander across the Savannah near an acacia tree. Giraffes are the national animal of Tanzania.
Scarab Selection III
Secret Riddle, Solar Zenith, Withering Blaze – titles of bestselling novels? Not quite. The mystically named trilogy represents the epilogue and final three-coin set of CIT’s precious Scarab Selection. Complementing the previous releases, the final issues are once again limited to 499 sets supplied in an alluring collector’s case. The high relief, smartminting© beetles sparkle in black-rhodium, rose-gold and brilliant silver, while the mirror surface glistens in fine silver, gold and rose-gold, respectively. The center coin «Solar Zenith» customarily features a Swarovski® crystal representing the golden sun. The Scarab Selection truly is unequalled in modern numismatics for its elegant and graceful design and timeless allure.
The Swan Egg complements the delightful golden egg series that launched in 2015 with the unique, concave Golden Egg No1, followed by the Fabergé design of Egg No2 in 2016. The third coin presents itself in a traditional royal blue that beautifully complements the rich golden-yellow swan which seemingly floats on a pond in a royal garden surrounded by ornamental leaves. The micro-minted Coat of Arms is once again struck in incredible detail from a half gram of gold. Collectors of the Golden Egg series will surely also appreciate CIT’s popular silver Imperial Eggs collection.
waldseemueller historical maps america amerika silver coin banknote CIT coin invest smartminting
Martin Waldseemüller was a German cartographer, whose map Universalis Cosmographia, is believed to be the first written record of the name America for the New World. The original map, published in 1507, spanned over two meters in width and was assembled from twelve individual sections. To hint at the large original size, CIT produced the Waldseemüller in a staggering 20×15 cm silver note format with worn and aged edges. Dwarfing previous silver note issues not only in sheer dimensions, the map issued for Cook Islands, also weighs a whooping 30 grams. The superb Waldseemüller map minted in fine silver is a true treasure for any collector.
Sweetest unicorn, special shape gold coin
CIT’s long tradition of producing outstanding special shape gold coins reached a new peak in 2017 with the release of the fascinating Golden Sand Dollar, Sea Turtle, Laughing Buddha, Golden Dolphin, Pirate Skull and Swan Egg. Tying up the year’s gold shapes is the adorable Sweetest Unicorn. Struck from the common 0.5 grams of gold, CIT utilized Big Gold Minting© technology to push the diameter to 13.92 mm.
Year of the Dog legal tender silver bank note coin with Mongolian Bankhar dog by CIT
In February 2017, CIT presented the first legal tender silver notes series «Skyline Dollars». Now already on its eigth issue, the silver note technology is ready to expand into lunar topics starting with the 2018 Year of the Dog. Issued by Mongolia, the new silver note depicts the Mongol Bankhar, a landrace once commonly kept by nomadic herders and perfectly adapted to the harsh climate and landscape. The first Mongolian lunar silver note is kept in the same specifications as the popular Skyline Dollar series with 5 grams of fine silver spread over 150×70 mm. A traditional small gold coin with a similar design is also available. People who are born in the year of the dog are perceived to be honest, loyal, smart, and friendly.

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Since its foundation in 1970, CIT Coin Invest AG has been a reputable and trusted enterprise in the worldwide coin market. With time CIT’s trading activities have expanded into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals. The success of these coin and medal programmes have greatly contributed to CIT’s solid, reliable and growing reputation worldwide.

In recent years close collaboration of CIT and B.H.Mayer Mint have brought forth innovative and revolutionary minting technologies such as Smartminting© and Big Gold Minting (BGM). Ultra high relief coins with a maximum amount of detail in breathtaking diameters – Coin Invest Trust has an unparalleled track record and expertise in creating unique, custom coins that meet the highest quality standards. Its high-profile coins of series like Tiffany Art, Mongolian Wildlife Protection and Evolution of Life set new standards in modern numismatics and have frequently been imitated but never to the superior craftsmanship and design seen in the original works.