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Romulus & Remus

  • Romulus & Remus
    Romulus & Remus
  • Claudius
  • Tiberius
  • Caligula


Art.No. 24349
Country Palau
Year 2010
Face value 1 Dollar
Metal Gold .9999
Weight 0.5 g
Size ca. 11.8 mm
Quality BU
Mintage 15000 pcs
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5. The first Roman Didrachme shows the Lupa Romana along with the inscription ROMANO; minted about 269 BC. According to the Roman mythology Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in the year 751 BC. The twins were exposed in the river Tiber in a wicker basket. Their crying attracted a she-wolf who took both children to her cave and nursed them. Later shepherds found them and brought them up. In remembrance to Rome’s foundation, coins with the wolf motive were also minted in the later Roman Imperial Age.
It is a childhood dream: Holding our fathers hand we stumble through the Roman Forum and then suddenly fi nd a real ancient Roman coin. Exactly these dreams arouse the fascination for collecting in general and in particular the Roman numismatics. Silver coins which originate from the Roman period are offered in coin trade exhibitions in great numbers and at very diverse price ranges. The Roman gold coins are however very scarce and are mostly found in museums and private collections. A new series, now also for a bigger clientele, presents several of the most famous motifs in Roman history.

The Coins of the Roman Empire II

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Romulus & Remus