The brilliant orange, red, and yellow colors of the sugar maples are a natural firework of colors and a prelude to the coming winter. The shortlived spectacle attracts hordes of tourists to eastern North America each September and October.
The little gold coins are popular good luck charms, tokens and presents not just for collectors but also friends and family.
Collectors around the world appreciate CIT for its innovative coins and approaches that drive technological advances. Unique and unusual coin issues are expected from CIT at the major coin shows. In 2017, CIT  launched the popular Skyline Dollar series which has already seen eight  issues. Now Paris and San Francisco join the series to bring the total up to ten releases, with each note minted in 5 grams of fine silver  measuring 150×70 mm.
Royal wedding meghan markle prince harry gold coin cook islands cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint
Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle will celebrate their wedding on 19 May 2018 at St George’s Chapel of Windsor Castle following their engagement in November of 2017. The actress and Prince Harry started their relationship in 2016.
golden starfish gold coin by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint for palau
laughing buddha buddai smartminting happy buddha with high relief cit coin invest black proof gilded coin
The joyful Laughing Buddha coin, struck in smartminting high relief to do his big belly justice, was quickly sold out and remains a sought after collectible. Luckily, the Laughing Buddha knows how to strike a pose and collectors will be pleased to see the release of the second coin of the series.
Shades of Nature silver coin micro minted with smartminting high relief by CIT Coin Invest AG and B H Mayer mint showing sungazer lizard Smaug
Shades of Nature is up to its fifth release with the sungazer or giant girdled lizard. Named after the iconic dragon Smaug of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the sungazer is native to South Africa.
Emperor Penguin silver coin shape with smartminting high relief CIT Coin Invest AG
Few animals are as universally loved as the charismatic penguins. Following in the Silver Lucky Panda’s footsteps, the Emperor Penguin is a homage to these amiable birds.

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CIT Coin Invest at BICE Beijing international coin exposition new forbidden city 1 kg kilo coin


Since its foundation in 1970, CIT Coin Invest AG has been a reputable and trusted enterprise in the worldwide coin market. With time CIT’s trading activities have expanded into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals. The success of these coin and medal programmes have greatly contributed to CIT’s solid, reliable and growing reputation worldwide.

In recent years close collaboration of CIT and B.H.Mayer Mint have brought forth innovative and revolutionary minting technologies such as Smartminting© and Big Gold Minting (BGM). Ultra high relief coins with a maximum amount of detail in breathtaking diameters – CIT Coin Invest has an unparalleled track record and expertise in creating unique, custom coins that meet the highest quality standards. Its high-profile coins of series like Tiffany Art, Mongolian Wildlife Protection and Evolution of Life set new standards in modern numismatics and have frequently been imitated but never to the superior craftsmanship and design seen in the original works.

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