For 2019 Mongolian lunar coins for the first time receive a smartminting treatment resulting in the charming and truly unique Jolly Pigs.
CIT now proudly presents the second iteration of the silver sand dollar. A refined design and sophisticated smartminting treatment resulted in a truly magnificent representation of a sand dollar in pure silver.
CIT is proud to issue officially licensed AC/DC coins for collectors at ANA 2018. Two silver coins reference the band's first album High Voltage and the ten year anniversary of the superb album Black Ice. The latter coin is produced in striking black proof finish with color highlights and outstanding smartminting relief.
“Little Treasure” is designed to not only tend to the romantic side of love but also love of a good friend or a family member. The little gold coins of the series are popular good luck charms, tokens and presents for anyone close to your heart.
The Skyline Dollars are issued by Cook Islands and feature prominent cities from around the world.
Now on their fourth issue, the Dragon Egg succeeds the delightful blue Swan of 2017. A sinister winged dragon, struck with incredible detail features prominently against the scaley, black background.
The 2019 edition silver heart stays true to the beloved concept and displays a lavish Swarovski crystal rose on a proof finish background with floral elements. This remarkable coin will surely put a smile on your loved one's face and will endure long after the roses have wilted.

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Since its foundation in 1970, CIT Coin Invest AG has been a reputable and trusted enterprise in the worldwide coin market. With time CIT’s trading activities have expanded into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals. The success of these coin and medal programmes have greatly contributed to CIT’s solid, reliable and growing reputation worldwide.

In recent years close collaboration of CIT and B.H.Mayer Mint have brought forth innovative and revolutionary minting technologies such as Smartminting© and Big Gold Minting (BGM). Ultra high relief coins with a maximum amount of detail in breathtaking diameters – CIT Coin Invest has an unparalleled track record and expertise in creating unique, custom coins that meet the highest quality standards. Its high-profile coins of series like Tiffany Art, Mongolian Wildlife Protection and Evolution of Life set new standards in modern numismatics and have frequently been imitated but never to the superior craftsmanship and design seen in the original works.

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