CIT Coin Invest AG smartminting silver coin Wildlife Protection wild boar sus scrofa for Mongolia with Swarovski crystal elements
One of the most iconic CIT collections is the Mongolian Wildlife Protection series launched in 2007. Eleven years and several awards later, the ninth installment of the collection portrays the wild boar (Sus scrofa) with mesmerizing amber-colored SWAROVSKI® crystal eyes that collectors of the series have come to cherish.
Shakyamuni Buddha shape silver coin gold plated by CIT Coin Invest Ag and B H Mayer mint with smartminting ultra high relief for Mongolia
One of the most imposing Buddha coins ever minted, CIT’s Shakyamuni Buddha weighs three ounces and measures 55 mm in height. Of course, the most defining feature of the coin is the exquisitely detailed three dimensional smartminting© strike in a shaped form.
Lullaby sleeping boy silver coin with cut outs and smartminting high relief by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint delivered with musical box
Lullaby is an unprecedented heart-warming coin that transports the viewer through time and brings back memories of a peacful and sheltered youth. The tranquility of watching twinkling stars in the night sky as a child or adult are memories cherished forever.
new tiffany art 2018 silver coin 2 oz with smartminting by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint with glass window
The Tiffany Art collection is undoubtedly one of the most successful modern coin series in the world with five awards to its name and numerous spin-off series attempting to imitate the exceptional mix of minting perfection and aesthetics. The highly anticipated CIT classic is now in its fourteenth year introducing the Italian Castle of Sammezzano and its orienatlist architecture.
Crystal Skull silver coin with Swarovski element and smartminting high relief by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint called vanity or vanidad
Crystal Skull is a brand new CIT series merging gloomy themes with sparkling SWAROVSKI® crystals to create an eerily beautiful coin unlike any other.
silver heart one ounce shape coin with smartminting by CIT Coin Invest AG and B H Mayer mint
CIT’s dramatic smartminting© technology invigorates the heart-themed coin genre. One ounce of silver is struck to create a bulging, hefty three dimensional heart with delicate ornaments reminiscent of the Silver Fortune introduced at the Beijing Coin Exposition in late 2017.
Velociraptor mongoliensis fossil silver coin with smartminting high relief by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint for mongolia
At World Money Fair 2018, CIT now proudly presents a truly great addition to the range of paleontologically themed coins featuring Mongolia’s most famous dinosaur, the Velociraptor. The series will portray prehistoric beasts in exceptional style on a whooping 65mm canvas weighing three ounces.
Emperor Penguin silver coin shape with smartminting high relief CIT Coin Invest AG
Few animals are as universally loved as the charismatic penguins. Following in the Silver Lucky Panda’s footsteps, the Emperor Penguin is a homage to these amiable birds.
Shades of Nature silver coin micro minted with smartminting high relief by CIT Coin Invest AG and B H Mayer mint showing sungazer lizard Smaug
Shades of Nature is up to its fifth release with the sungazer or giant girdled lizard. Named after the iconic dragon Smaug of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the sungazer is native to South Africa.
keyhole silver coin with incused smartminting high relief strike by cit coin invest ag and b h mayer mint with art by bryce cameron liston
Little Secrets is perhaps CIT’s most remarkble new coin. While incused coins have been around for ages, Little Secrets plays in a league of its own. CIT and B.H. Mayer used smartminting© to create a keyhole effect resulting in a hitherto unimaginably deep incused design. While the technical aspects are impressive on their own, Little Secrets is much more than that.
Exotic Butterflies dream edition 5 oz silver coin with 7 3d butterfly inserts and smartminting high relief by cit coin invest ag
Exotic Butterflies is a 7-coin series issued annually for a different nation from 2011 to 2017. The progressive idea to adorn a silver coin with a realistic butterfly found countless admirers and has sparked numerous derivations.
Che Guevara silver coin with smartminting for Mongolia by cit coin invest ag following fidel castro and chinggis khaan
Iconic revolutionary Che Guevara was undoubtedly one of the most significant and recognizable persons of the 20th century. Fighting side-by-side with Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution it is fitting that his portrait adorns the latest Mongolian coin after Castro and Chinggis Khaan.
Smartminting silver coin bar ingot by CIT coin invest ag and b h mayer mint showing mount rushmore of the liberty bar collection
A masterful high relief strike of Mount Rushmore represents the sequel to the Statue of Liberty which initiated the Liberty Bar Collection one year ago.
CIT is excited to debut the new Mongolian coin series Woodland Spirits at World Money Fair 2018. The first coin portrays a fox in high relief among a vivid bouquet of wildflowers. Reminiscent of a fairy tale scene, foxes are indeed popular characters to appear in tales of wonder and magic.

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Since its foundation in 1970, CIT Coin Invest AG has been a reputable and trusted enterprise in the worldwide coin market. With time CIT’s trading activities have expanded into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals. The success of these coin and medal programmes have greatly contributed to CIT’s solid, reliable and growing reputation worldwide.

In recent years close collaboration of CIT and B.H.Mayer Mint have brought forth innovative and revolutionary minting technologies such as Smartminting© and Big Gold Minting (BGM). Ultra high relief coins with a maximum amount of detail in breathtaking diameters – CIT Coin Invest has an unparalleled track record and expertise in creating unique, custom coins that meet the highest quality standards. Its high-profile coins of series like Tiffany Art, Mongolian Wildlife Protection and Evolution of Life set new standards in modern numismatics and have frequently been imitated but never to the superior craftsmanship and design seen in the original works.

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