Golden Gobi Bear
Golden Gobi Bear
Item 28832
Country Mongolia
Year 2019
Face Value 1000 Togrog
Metal Gold .9999
Weight 0.5 g
Size 11 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 15000

One of CIT’s most popular series is the Mongolian issued Wildlife Protection that started a design trend in modern numismatics with the COTY award-winning Gulo Gulo in 2007. Sought after collectibles, the series will come to an end at the World Money Fair in Berlin in 2019 with its tenth and final issue featuring the Mongolian endemic and critically endangered Gobi Bear.

Completing a particular set is a memorable moment for any collector, especially those that started with the series twelve years ago. Wildlife Protection raised the bar then and continued to do so with incredibly detailed high relief strikes up to its last issue. While this series comes to a close, collectors can be sure to expect new and equally striking coin series issued by CIT for Mongolia.