ANA World’s Fair of Money, Philadelphia 2018

The ANA coin show surely has become the summer analog of Berlin’s World Money Fair and the two shows are the highlight of the numismatic calendar. CIT now proudly presents it’s largest and most diverse collection of new releases in Philadelphia. The 26 new coins, of which ten are all new concepts and sixteen are series additions, span such a wide range of topics, shapes, and designs, that any collector is sure to find his or her new favorite collection piece. The coins will be available between September and October.

Yearly new releases at the ANA shows of some of CIT’s most prestigious and popular series are no surprise, and expectations are high when it comes to collections such as Evolution of Life, The 7 Summits and Meteorites. The Pterosaur succeeds the 2017 Ichthyosaur and becomes the fourth release in the Evolution of Life series. Showing a native Mongolian Pterosaur fossil, the coin is the most elaborate of the series with a stunning smartminting high relief and meticulously applied rose-gold finish.
The third of the seven summits portrays the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, the South American Aconcagua. Once again the mountain is shown is incredible topographic smartminting relief with a newly refined coloration that resembles the natural colors of the Andes.
The meteorite series is already on its fourteenth issue with the Erfoud Meteorite strike featuring an impressive break through center. What started two years ago with the Tamdakht coin has continuously been refined and led to the mind-boggling crater shaped and copper-plated Erfoud coin with the most detailed break through yet.

Erfoud Meteorite copper-plated silver coin

Other additions to current collections include the brilliantly colored Magnificent Life – Red-eyed Treefrog, a 2018 variety of the Isle of Man – Piedfort Angel, four intense new skulls and the intricately detailed Ounce of Luck in gold and silver.

Magnificent Life – Red-eyed Tree Frog

While the above coins certainly take their respective series to the next level and deliver in terms of design, smartminting relief and pure quality, several all-new concepts are sure to impress and find their way into many private collections.
Bridging the gap between classic rounds and complex shaped coins is the Death’s Head Hawkmoth, half shaped and half round, the stunning design introduces a new polishing technique called lapping. The moth as a result shines in a bright silver finish and contrasts starkly with the black proof background.

Death’s Head Hawkmoth black proof silver coin

Fans of fully shaped silver coins struck with smartminting technology will find joy in the most elaborate such shape minted to date, the Silver Gecko. One year in the making, the production is incredibly sophisticated, something masked by the playful nature of the coin itself that hangs from the ceiling of the collector’s box.

Silver Gecko

Three further smartminting shapes in the shape of a Crucifix, Twinkling Star and Jolly Pig are also introduced. The latter two are three dimensional with shaped obverse and reverse. Jolly Pig can even stand upright to make a wonderful display and conversation piece.

Last but certainly not least CIT proudly announce two officially licensed AC/DC coins. Black Ice is struck in smartminting with outstanding relief and brilliant color on a black proof finish. The expertise that went into producing this coin certainly does the world-famous band justice. Fans of AC/DC memorabilia will wish to check our coins for more updates and additions soon!

AC/DC Black Ice smartminting black proof silver coin

Pterosaur – Evolution of Life
Mongolia, 2018, 500 Togrog, 1oz, .999 Silver, 38.61mm, Antique finish, 999pcs

Ounce of Luck 2019
Palau, 2019, 5 Dollars, 1oz, .925 Silver, 38.61mm, Proof, 2019pcs

High Voltage AC/DC
Cook Islands, 2018, 2 Dollars, .999 Silver, 1/2oz, 38.61mm, Proof, 5000pcs

Jolly Silver Pig
Mongolia, 2019, 1000 Togrog, .999 Silver, 1oz, approx. 33mm, Antique finish, 999pcs

La Catrina Skull
Palau, 2018, 5 Dollars, .999 Silver, 1oz, 25.5×38.3mm, Antique finish, 1750pcs

Twinkling Star
Palau, 2018, 5 Dollars, .999 Silver, 1oz, 35mm, Antique finish, 2500pcs